Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a platform where entrepreneurs, institutions and companies to achieve their own donation projects.

How does work? provides a widget that can be installed by the user on their website to crowdfun the target amount for their own project. Each user has his own project with its own deadline. They are responsible for achieving their goal amount. If people are enthusiastic and finding it to donate, can be done within the said period at any time to help realize the project.

What kind of projects does LeanFund.Us host?

Anyone can start a campaign at All types of entrepreneurs and companies have the opportunity to download our widget, however, we do look professional on the feasibility of the amount and the history of the business owner before any use can be made.

What happens to my money if the target amount is reached?

First we would like to congratulate you! You have supported a campaign which his / her dream can live up to your money! Thank you very much. The amount will be transferred to the project owner of which your donated and is spent on the stated purpose.

What happens to my money if the target price is not reached?

All funds will go to the project that you have donated to. If the project did not reach it's target, the donated amount will still be invested into the project.

What happens if you receive more money?

All the funds will be invested in the targeted project.

What are my rewards?

Every company has its own campaign and has its own rewards. At every border investment, there is clearly a reward indicates where you pick up at the project right.

Who are LeanFund.Us

LeanFund.Us is part of Get a Crowd in collaboration with Govannon