The Makers of True Nature

Help restore European Nature

Bringing back natural processes, protecting ecosystems against climate change and degradation.

Living Landscapes

Reconstructing grazer communities for natural regeneration. Reshaping the environment via trophic cascades.

Ecological Restoration

Bringing back natural processes, improving ecosystem resilience against climate change and other threats.

Reintroducing Lost Species

Restoring Europe’s iconic wildlife species that once roamed throughout the continent.

Reviving Rural Economies

Ecotourism and regional products as drivers for sustainable development.

How we use your donation

100% of your donation will go towards wildlife and the establishment of new protected areas. With our focus on results on the ground, we keep overheads low by not maintaining office space or other administrative facilities. Thanks to your support, TNF’s projects protect and restore unique ecosystems around Europe. That means more space for wildlife, natural processes and ecosystem services – but also a better life for local communities through jobs and ecotourism. When you donate to TNF, you’re not only helping to bring back Europe’s wild animals – you’re helping people, too.

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Help Restore and Revive European Nature

Support Wildlife and Ecological Restoration Projects

Europe’ wildlife and landscapes need your support. Your gift today will go directly to field projects, helping us bring back and protect some of Europe’s lost and endangered species. You will work hand in hand with highly dedicated conservationists throughout Europe and provide them with the means to protect their natural heritage.

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