Patterns of Life - Documentary

OUR MISSION: Create a documentary revealing ancient wisdom from the last indigenous people of our planet. Your donation enables us to document 2 different tribes including post-production, that means you are contributing to 50% of our project! 


We are Sophie and Michael, a couple from the Netherlands, driven by storytelling that matters. Having grown up in a period of breakneck modernization, we are on a mission to preserve our world’s incredible cultural knowledge. Known for our work for the Discovery Channel, the Volvo Ocean Race, and Red Bull, we are eager to deploy our modern skills to do this while the chance is still there.

We are about to document four unique tribal cultures, and reveal some of the planet’s oldest indigenous tattoo practices. When we discovered that a lot of knowledge is interwoven and symbolized in the tattoos of indigenous tribes, we were convinced to learn all about it and share this with the world. Traditional tattooing is older than any written language on earth, and it speaks volumes about the fundamentals of our existence. These ancient patterns are founded upon cultural identity, a holistic way of life, interconnectedness, and a great respect for nature. Sadly, modernization and globalization are contributing to the decline of traditional tattoo practices, and so this is a crucial opportunity to document those patterns of life before they’re gone forever.

Supported by anthropologist Dr. Lars Krutak and his 20 years of traditional tattoo expertise, we’ll travel to the most remote areas of the world and translate the ancient language of the skin into a modern wisdom, ultimately for an enriched future.


Let’s preserve ancient wisdom together and inspire the world with ancient perspectives!


In September we will take off on our first expedition, that means soon we can take you along our journey by providing you with behind the scenes footage of our newest explorations.

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Your donation supplies our expedition with one day of water and food.

  • Exclusive Whatsapp updates, pictures and video’s.
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This donation gets us moving deep inside the jungle and will be used to cover local travel expenses.

  • PDF booklet featuring exclusive pictures & dairy stories from our expedition.
  • Exclusive t-shirt designed by Mentawai artist Matasulu.

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Your donation is very valuable, it makes us able to transform vanishing wisdom into visible content.

  • 2 tickets for the official premiere in The Netherlands.
  • Patterns of Life tote bag designed by Mentawai artist Matasulu.
  • A1 poster format still image from the film.

For backers outside the Netherlands we organize an online premiere, including a virtual Q&A with the filmmakers.

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This donation will make you an official sponsor of our documentary and will cover a fair amount of our international travel expenses.

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We are very grateful to collaborate; Your support contributes to outstanding results and adds an immense volume to the preservation of vanishing ancient wisdom.

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