Honingbank (Demo)

With HoningBank we ask for attention for the honeybee. The bee has been named the most important animal in the world, makes an important contribution to biodiversity and is indispensable for our food production. At the same time, the bee is seriously threatened by this same food production and the use of insecticide.

Open an account with the Honey and deposit an amount from € 10. Receive a savings bank book from the Honey Bank and receive interest in the form of honey every year.

Time is Honey!

This is a demo project created to show the functionalities of supported by Get a Crowd (

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Honingbank account

Open your own Honingbank account and start saving bees. As a return on your investment and interest you will receive honey produced by our bees.

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Honingbank giftpack

For your contribution of € 50 or more, you will receive a Honingbank giftpack.

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Bankmanager Honingbank

For a contribution of € 100 or more you become the manager of the Honingbank for one day.

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