Woods versus waves

Nature’s choice for flood protection

Flood plain vegetation is often cut clear to increase discharge capacity of rivers. However, this vegetation can also reduce wave impact on levees. Better quantification of this service may allow us to conserve flood plain vegetation and to save costs by developing vegetation levee combinations to reduce flood risk. To tackle what exactly is the protective power of trees against floods under extreme conditions, we want to go where no researcher has gone before and test real trees with extreme waves in the massive Delta Flume. We invite you to join us in this ground-breaking research and help keep our flood plains green and natural. 

Our research activities generated a budget of 450.000 euros, but we're still 50.000 euros short. For that we seek your help. 

Help us prove that woods are natural wave breakers and support our present and future research.

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A Ripple

A green thank you note

Together with your help, we will achieve our ‘Woods versus Waves’ research. For this you will receive a digital and personal green thank you note, because we (and the woods) are eternally grateful.

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Delta Flume Flash

Your digital files on a very unique USB flash

Made in the exact shape of the Delta Flume this flash, made from recycled plastic, is a true wanna-have. It is also a limited edition because only the first 70 donators can call themselves proud owners of this collectors item.

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Small Waves

‘Woods versus Waves’ t-shirt and a chance to witness a Delta Flume test!

Pledge 30 euros or more and receive a t-shirt with the ‘Woods versus Waves’ logo, as well as a chance to win a trip to one of our live Delta Flume tests!

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Intermediate Waves

‘Woods versus Waves’ hamam towel

Pledge 50 euros or more and receive our green ‘Woods versus Waves’ hamam towel!

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Large Waves

An exclusive lecture on Nature Based Flood Defences

Pledge 100 euros or more and receive an invitation to our exclusive lecture on Nature Based Flood Defences! Nature-based flood defences are a relatively new approach to flood risk reduction and climate change adaptation. In this cutting-edge lecture you will learn why this research is essential to make large-scale and successful implementation possible.

(Note: 100 euro allows entrance for 1 person)

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