Woods versus waves

The safe choice is the natural choice

Trees clean the air we breathe, hold the soil under our feet, shelter us from the sun and protect us against winds and floods. But what exactly is their protective power against floods under extreme conditions such as typhoons and tsunamis? We (a hydraulic engineer, a coastal ecologist and a coastal management expert) want to go where no researcher has gone before and test real trees with extreme waves in the massive Delta Flume. We invite you to take part in this ground-breaking research, in which we will address the most urgent knowledge gaps on the role of trees in flood risk reduction. Do floodplain forests in our rivers limit overtopping of levees and embankments? Did the presence of mangroves protect coastal communities during the Asian tsunami? These aspects can yet only be modelled, estimated and predicted to a limited degree, since measurements under extreme conditions and in a controlled environment, are not available. This research will unravel whether the protective power of trees is fact or fiction.

Our lobbying activities in the last two years resulted in research budget of 700.000 euro’s, but we are still 50.000 euro’s short. For that we seek your help.  Help us prove that woods are natural wave breakers.  

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A green thank you note

With your help, together we’ll achieve our ‘woods versus waves’ research. For this you deserve a reward! Our digital and personal green thank you note, because we (and the woods) are eternally grateful to you.

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Delta Flume flash

Do you want to put your digital files on a very unique USB flash? Made in the exact shape of the Delta Flume this flash, made from recycled plastic, is a true wanna-have. It is also a limited edition because only the first 70 donators can call themselves proud owners of this collectors item.

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Woods versus waves t-shirt, and a chance to witness a Delta Flume test.

Everyone who donates 30 euro or more participates will receive a t-shirt that is printed with our ‘woods versus waves’ logo. You will also participate in a raffle for witnessing a Delta Flume test.

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'Woods versus waves' hamam towel

Everyone who donates 50 euro or more will receive a green ‘woods versus waves’ hamam towel. 

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An exclusive lecture on Nature Based Flood Defences

Nature-based flood defences are a relatively new approach to flood risk reduction and climate change adaptation. In this lecture you will learn why this research is essential to make large-scale and successful implementation possible.

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